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A B O U T    E L A I N E

Elaine Hollmer was born for a purpose. While in her mother's womb a prophet of God told Mrs. Craze, "The baby you are carrying will sing and minister to thousands". Anyone who knows Elaine can testify that she is living the call of God on her life. At age 3 she was singing in her father's church and at age 13 she recorded her first album. Throughout her teenage years, she traveled with various ministries, becoming their featured singer in conferences, conventions, tent meetings, and church revivals.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

In 1981 she founded Elaine Hollmer Ministries, Inc. Elaine has traveled across America and into many parts of the world as a featured speaker in conferences, conventions, and church revivals. Her ministry gifts include singing, the exciting revelation truths from God's word, words of knowledge and operating in many other gifts of the spirit. In 1999 God called Elaine, " His stoker" because she stokes the ambers of revival in every service.                                                                                                       


What best describes Elaine, she is dedicated to fulfill God's calling on her life and her compassion for God's people. She is real and righteous in her living and her services are timely, exciting and spiritually uplifting. She is very sensitive to the voice of God, which allows her to flow in the gifts of the spirit, following the preaching of God's word. It has often been said, just one service with Elaine's anointing is a life-changing experience.

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