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Elaine's   Legacy


Elaine Hollmer June 4, 1951 - August 16, 2021.   Born to DeForest and Isabel Craze,  Elaine was a God sent child.  Before she was born a prophet of God told Isabel the child you are carrying will sing and minister the word of God to hundreds of thousands of people.  At the age of three she fearlessly sang in her parents church.  As she grew older her strong voice became the signature of her life.  It was her voice that many people would recognize both in person and on the airwaves.  For many years Elaine would travel to churches and conferences as a featured singer.  One highlight was she was the guest singer at the worldwide conference for Women’s Aglow where there were thousands of women from 38 countries. 


Although she had a quality singing voice it was the anointing on her life that would attract people to her.  At age 27 her life took a change forever.  Now married to Ken Hollmer and with two sons, David and Jonathan, it was time to heed the call of ministry.  She was use to seeing the power and presence of God while she was singing, but now it was time to carry on with the whole service.  Knowing the persecution a woman would have in ministry she knew she had to obey God.  Her concern was to have the covering of her husband and children has she would have to travel.  The call to minister was so real that those around her could see her countenance light up when she would be asked to sing and minister at any event.  Ken and the boys were her best fans as they seen first hand how God was using this woman to help so many hurting people. 


What started out ministering in peoples home, then at small gatherings soon grew to churches and large conferences. She was a traveling Evangelist, done many television interviews, held her own annual conference and authored two books.  Her teaching series reached many thousands of people.  Her trademark was to preach and teacher the gospel in a practical manner so everyone could relate to the teachings of Christ.  At age fifty she would pastored a church in Fort Payne, AL as well as doing the traveling ministry. 


Elaine lived what she taught and to all who knew her that was her best message.  Her life was a testimony of what God can do if you love Him enough to obey Him.  She was bigger than life and now she lives on through her family and the people she touched.  There was only one Elaine but she inspired many to carry on the message of Christ in you, the hope of Glory.


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